What is REMY Hair?

Remy Hair is hair that has not been stripped of its protective cuticle layer and hair with all cuticles aligned in one direction. Remy hair is considered the highest quality hair on the market because of these features. Uvelle Hair only collects Virgin Indian Remy Hair for our high end quality Indian Hair Collections. (We only select healthy Virgin Russian Remy ponytails from the Russian Federation for our upcoming Box Office Collection).

The Uvelle Hair collections also stand out from the competition as we make quality a top priority to deliver to our clients the absolute best hair extensions on the market! Our Indian Hair is versatile…interchangeable from the hairs natural wave/curl texture to straight and back again with your heat tool of choice! Longevity is also a key feature in our hair as our wefts are sewn securely to enable repeat installations! The list goes on!

Now back to the science…

Because Remy Hair is kept in its natural state the wearer will experience hair extensions that behave naturally. Hair consists of a fibrous protein called “keratin” and also contains lipids (oils) and water. The three main structures of the hair shaft are as follows: the protective outer cuticle layer, the cortex, and medulla. The cuticle is made of up to ten thin overlapping keratin layers that protect the cortex from damage. Contributing to 90% of the hair shaft’s weight, the cortex contains melanin which determines the color of the hair. The cortex is also the layer that is changed due to chemical processes (color, relaxer,perm, etc.). The medulla is the soft center of the hair and is sometimes absent (purpose to be determined).

The following photo is of a healthy hair shaft. Notice that the cuticle layers lay flat:

The following photo is of  a damaged hair shaft exposing the cortex. The cuticle layers are peeled back exposing the cortex to further damage.

It is important to care for your hair extensions by  conditioning the hair regularly as your scalp is unable to replenish the natural oils in the hair. Regularly conditioning the hair is also important because cuticles naturally become worn down with daily wear and tear, elements, heat from blow dryers and flat-irons, the sun, etc. Regular hydration of  your remy hair will help maintain the health of your remy hair extensions and extend their longevity. It is through hydration that the hair obtains its natural luster…a key  indication that your hair is healthy!



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