As a returning (and extremely satisfied) Uvelle customer I decided to order hair that would compliment my previous selection. As many of us already know, it is completely normal for your weave’s natural curls to gracefully loosen over time. Since I ordered limited edition number 2 (4 oz of 14 inches & 4 oz of 16 inches) hair about 8 months ago, I decided to order limited edition number 1 (4 oz of 16 inches) to seamlessly blend in with my old hair. (Please note, Deneen’s hair was cut after multiple  installations of limited edition curly 2 and a new pack was needed for added length, fullness, and coloring.)
Considering the new York weather is taking its sweet time to warm up, I figured that I would warm up my look without the sun’s help by coloring my hair with highlights. Yes ladies, you can permanently color your hair!  I would never recommend coloring hair (whether you are coloring a weave or natural hair) without the help of a professional. My stylist at Strands Hair and Bridal Center in Baldwin, NY highlighted my hair by raising my weave color to a level seven “neutral blonde”. Some of you may think that my hair doesn’t look blonde at all (including me!) but maybe more of a warm golden brown– but according to the professional color swatch this is the name of the color so we’ll stick with that.  Highlighting my hair was easy and as the weather transitions from cloudy to sunny, my hair will naturally become lighter.
Last but not least, Uvelle’s hair always been really versatile so I asked my stylist to curl my hair in soft spirals for my birthday.  The limited edition line loves to hold curls due to its natural texture, so gym visits mixed with slightly humid/rainy weather proved to be no competition for maintaining my style.  I kept it old school by using sponge rollers to preserve the curls over night, and had a few pin curls for the crown of my head.  For the April holiday season, i asked my stylist to straighten my hair so that when I traveled I could just wrap it instead of toting pins and rollers around.  Usually the straighter your hair is, the more your color will pop so I have included pictures of both looks.  
Bottom line, coloring and styling your weave will always enhance your appearance as long as you have high quality hair and a top quality stylist to make sure it stays healthy and beautiful.  I’m so thrilled with my new look and can’t wait to experiment with different textures and colors as time goes on.  Happy spring, happy coloring, and thanks Uvelle!
– Deneen, New York, NY

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