Hair Care & Styling Products!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding which products to use on Uvelle Hair Extensions ( and your natural hair)!


Below is a quick summary of our current favorite products!

Shampoos and Conditioners

Living Proof Restore:  We can’t get enough of the science that makes Living Proof. We love Living Proof Restore for all hair textures to restore and maintain the health of our natural hair and uvelle hair extensions. Remember… uvelle hair is created with ponytails cut from a donor’s natural hair which means for the best style results and longevity you have to treat the hair as if it were your own! (Plus everyone wants to protect and maximize their investment!)

Our favorite products from the Living Proof Restore line is the Living Proof  Restore Shampoo and Living Proof Restore Conditioner. The shampoo is gentle and leaves your hair soft without over drying. The conditioner infuses uvelle hair with moisture and maintains hair strength. The conditioner also just makes styling easier for all uvelle hair textures.


Applying the Restore Instant Repair is an optional step for Uvelle Hair Extensions but a great option for your natural hair. If we are planning to heat style our uvelle hair, then we definitely apply this product to wet hair before applying our styling products as a protective step.



Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: A favorite of ours for years. The shampoo cleanses without being harsh and the conditioner will make your hair feel incredibly soft.  Best of all, you can buy it anywhere… so if you are traveling and pressed for time…this is our go-to-product recommendation.



Styling Products

Living Proof No Frizz: We love the entire line for straight as well as wavy and curly textured uvelle hair  to prep and style.

Our favorite product from the Living Proof No Frizz line is the Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. A great product to apply to wet straight, wavy or curly uvelle hair (or your natural hair!) before allowing the hair to dry naturally. If you decide you want to give yourself a blow out… no problem… this product will keep uvelle hair (or your natural hair!) soft and light with volume and movement with no excessive shine or heavy oils. For best results, apply to wet uvelle hair and allow to dry naturally or heat style (remember to use a heat protectant!). Remember to scrunch curly or wavy hair occasionally while drying naturally to bring out the texture!


Wella Glam Mist: Amazing product for styling straight, wavy, and curly textured uvelle hair extensions. This product brings out the texture of uvelle hair without excessive shine and heavy oils. And it’s easy to layer without product build-up. Apply to dry hair to bring out the texture of your finished look!



Chi Iron Guard Thermal Protective Spray: Perfect for straightening dry hair. A weightless heat protectant that we use to straighten all uvelle hair textures from straight to curly. We also love the smell!


Aveda BeCurly Curl Enhancer: A favorite for years! This product actually deepens uvelle’s curly and wavy hair extensions! Apply to damp hair and allow to dry naturally… and remember to gently scrunch your uvelle hair occasionally.  A super lightweight product that absorbs into uvelle hair easily with no build-up. You don’t have to re-apply the product everyday in-between washings… just spray your uvelle curly or wavy hair with water, scrunch, and allow to dry naturally!



DevaCurl SuperCream: This cream really does bring out the beauty of uvelle’s curly hair! It’s a little heavier than the products listed above but it is easily absorbed into wet uvelle hair leaving the hair with a lightweight feel once dry and no sticky product build-up. You don’t have to re-apply the product everyday in-between washings… just spray your uvelle curly hair with  water, scrunch, and allow to dry naturally!



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