Heat Styled!

Uvelle Hair Extensions – The Starlet CollectionLuminous Natural Wavy Texture – Heatstyled with Big Curls!

Our clients love this texture for its versatility and natural body! And this hair can certainly hold a curl!

We can’t boast enough about our light-weight yet body infused natural wavy texture sourced from South Indian temples. Each pack represents a unique ponytail of hair with all cuticles intact and aligned in one direction. We provide a full 4oz per pack because we are fellow hair addicts that love to see our customers wearing hair with body and movement!

And YES! Your professional stylist can color, bleach, even perm our Luminous Natural Wavy texture as we do not steam process our waves. Each pack is created from unique raw virgin indian hair ponytails meaning the wave pattern will vary from tight to loose. However, we do make every effort to ship hair with similar wave patterns!

Below our #uvellemuse is wearing 4 packs or 16oz of our Luminous Natural Wavy Texture (The Starlet Collection)  in 24 inches + Closure (The Secrets Collection) to create a custom closure wig (coming soon!) We heatstyled her hair with a large curling iron to create the big curls you see blowing in the wind below!


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