Natural Waves!

Our Luminous Natural Wavy Texture found in The Starlet Collection, is created with 100% #rawvirginindianhair !

We do not steam process for texture allowing our clients to experience maximum longevity and versatility without experiencing “dry ends” after continuous wear.

Because we only use virgin Indian Hair ponytails to create each 4 oz pack of our Luminous Natural Wavy texture, each ponytail is unique. The waves will vary from loose waves to tight waves naturally.  However, we do our best to ship waves that are similar in texture together!


Broll Pic! Our Luminous Natural Wavy texture is shown with stunning natural waves in its natural state! We created a custom closure wig with 8oz (Qty 2) of our Luminous Natural Wavy Texture + A Custom closure from The Secrets CollectionLuminousNaturalWavy_Broll


Beauty shot of our Luminous Natural Wavy texture shown in its natural state.



Beauty shot of Uvelle’s Luminous Natural Wavy texture heat-styled with a three-prong wave iron!



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