Uvelle Deals!

Welcome to Uvelle Deals!

At Uvelle Hair Extensions, we occasionally create items that don’t meet our harsh quality standards for 1 reason or another which is often trivial. In addition, we produce items to “test” in which your feedback is required prior to release on our main website, uvellehairextensions.com.

So, we’ve decided to make these unique items available on our BLOG!

In exchange for purchasing the items at a reduced cost, we ask for your feedback at least once a month to be emailed to sales@uvellehairextensions.com! Don’t worry… we’ll send out a reminder to see how things are going!

All items are first come, first serve! All Items are FINAL SALE!

Each individual post will state the shipping time frame for the specific item listed.

The same terms and conditionsreturn policy, & shipping policy applies from uvellehairextensions.com for all items.


View our 1st Item! – 60% OFF – “Lilian” Full Lace Wig! 

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